CF and Wire Seal Flanges and Fittings

CF and wire seal flanges are part of the same family of ultra high vacuum components that compress a copper gasket between two stainless steel flanges to create a vacuum tight seal. The CF flange system is more commonly used within the vacuum industry and as such has a much larger standard product offering and faster delivery. Wire seal flanges are desirable for those applications that require flanges larger than those available with the CF flange system.

ANCORP CF flanges are manufactured to industry standards and are interchangeable with all other ConFlatĀ® style flanges and fittings. Wire seal flanges have no standard dimension specifications. Vacuum component manufacturers endeavor to create interchangeable flanges, however, it is our opinion that the only way to ensure compatibility is to purchase a mating set of wire seal flanges from one manufacturer. All flanges offered by ANCORP are manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC (computer numerical control) lathes to ensure consistency with dimensional tolerances, and extremely fine surface finishes.