Multiport Flange, Angled-In

CF600 (6”) or CF800 (8”) O.D. multiport flange with (1) CF275 (2.75”) fixed center flange on tube extension and (6) CF133 (1.33”) fixed mini flanges angled in on tube extensions, focused on target point.

Product Features

  • Standard Material: 304L SS
  • Temperature Range: -200°C to 450°C
  • Vacuum Range: UHV (Approx. 1×10-13 Torr)
  • Typically made-to-order

Options: Contact us for price and delivery

  • Number of ports, angles of ports, flange sizes, flange types, tube lengths, materials, and more.

If you are interested in purchasing a customized multiport flange, please visit our Request a Custom Product page to submit your specifications.

*Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise specified

Part IDReference NumberA B C 3D CADDrawingUnit PriceIn StockQty, Add To Cart
Part ID5005002Reference NumberCF600XCF275X6CF133-AMCFA 0.78B 2.61C 63D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$875.00Contact
Part ID5005003Reference NumberCF800XCF275X6CF133-AMCFA 0.88B 2.61C 83D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$935.00Contact