Flange Caps


  • Protects unused flanges from scratches and other physical damage that prevent sealing

*Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise specified

Part IDReference NumberDescription Unit PriceIn StockQty, Add To Cart
Part ID0600515Reference NumberPC-CF133Description 1 Plastic cap for CF133 flangeUnit Price$1.50-
Part ID0600516Reference NumberPC-CF212Description 1 Plastic cap for CF212 flangeUnit Price$1.50-
Part ID0600517Reference NumberPC-CF275Description 1 Plastic cap for CF275 flangeUnit Price$1.50-
Part ID0600518Reference NumberPC-CF338Description 1 Plastic cap for CF338 flangeUnit Price$2.00-
Part ID0600519Reference NumberPC-CF450Description 1 Plastic cap for CF450 flangeUnit Price$2.50-
Part ID0600520Reference NumberPC-CF462Description 1 Plastic cap for CF462 flangeUnit Price$2.50-
Part ID0600521Reference NumberPC-CF600Description 1 Plastic cap for CF600 flangeUnit Price$2.50-
Part ID0600522Reference NumberPC-CF800Description 1 Plastic cap for CF800 flangeUnit Price$3.00-
Part ID0600523Reference NumberPC-CF1000Description 1 Plastic cap for CF1000 flangeUnit Price$5.00-
Part ID0600524Reference NumberPC-CF1200Description 1 Plastic cap for CF1200 flangeUnit Price$6.00-
Part ID0600525Reference NumberPC-CF1325Description 1 Plastic cap for CF1325 flangeUnit Price$7.50-
Part ID0600505Reference NumberPC-LF63Description 1 Plastic cap for ISO-LF63 flangeUnit Price$2.50-
Part ID0600506Reference NumberPC-LF80Description 1 Plastic cap for ISO-LF80 flangeUnit Price$3.00-
Part ID0600507Reference NumberPC-LF100Description 1 Plastic cap for ISO-LF100 flangeUnit Price$3.50-
Part ID0600501Reference NumberPC-QF16Description 1 Plastic cap for ISO-QF16 flange or UF16 flangeUnit Price$1.50-
Part ID0600502Reference NumberPC-QF25Description 1 Plastic cap for ISO-QF25 flange or UF25 flangeUnit Price$1.50-
Part ID0600503Reference NumberPC-QF40Description 1 Plastic cap for ISO-QF40 flange or UF40 flangeUnit Price$1.50-
Part ID0600504Reference NumberPC-QF50Description 1 Plastic cap for ISO-QF50 flange or UF50 flangeUnit Price$2.00-