Tapped Flange Bolts


  • High Vacuum Rated to 1×10-8 Torr
  • Compatible with all ISO standard vacuum flanges and fittings
  • Offers good lateral load strength, but requires more than one bolt set per flange connection.


  • Hardware (bolts, nuts, and washers): stainless steel

Product Notes

  • Fastens ISO-LFB flanges to tapped ISO-LFB flanges or components (valves, chambers) with a compatible bolthole pattern and sealing groove
  • Bolt kits include all of the bolt sets you will need for 1 ISO-LF sealing assembly

*Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise specified

Part IDReference Number# Per Set Bolt Size 3D CADDrawingUnit PriceIn StockQty, Add To Cart
Part ID0604510Reference NumberLFB63-TFB# Per Set 4Bolt Size M8x303D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$9.00Contact
Part ID0604511Reference NumberLFB80/100-TFB# Per Set 8Bolt Size M8x303D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$10.40Contact
Part ID0604512Reference NumberLFB160-TFB# Per Set 8Bolt Size M10x353D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$17.00Contact
Part ID0604513Reference NumberLFB200/250-TFB# Per Set 12Bolt Size M10x353D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$29.75Contact
Part ID0604514Reference NumberLFB320-TFB# Per Set 12Bolt Size M12x453D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$42.75Contact
Part ID0604515Reference NumberLFB400/500-TFB# Per Set 16Bolt Size M12x453D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$54.00Contact