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ANCORP has partnered with LOS Low Outgassing Solutions as the exclusive seller and distributor of all LOS Vacuum Products. We now offer LOS’ full line of UHV and XHV-compatible bimetal flanges, titanium flanges, bimetal face-seal gland fittings, and aluminum and titanium fabrication of custom items including vacuum chambers.


About LOS Low Outgassing Solutions

LOS Vacuum Products provides vacuum technology innovators with the lowest outgassing solutions ideal for an array of applications including spectroscopy, atomic physics research, particle acceleration, and microscopy.


LOS vacuum components and vacuum flanges are an alternative to the standard. Superior titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys allow for quick evacuation of vacuum chambers. Advanced LOS technology makes it easy for end-users to obtain ultra-high vacuum (UHV) and extreme high vacuum (XHV) ratings. All LOS flanges are cleaned in an ultrasonic tank, and packaged with dry nitrogen for cleanliness.


Bimetal ConFlat (CF) Flanges

Bimetal CF flanges feature a stainless steel or titanium flange face with an aluminum base. These flanges are manufactured using an explosion welding process to fuse the dissimilar metals and create a strong, vacuum-tight bond.


Bonded bimetal CF flanges allow users to easily integrate a stainless steel or titanium-faced flange onto an aluminum vacuum chamber connection. Bimetal CF flanges are available in 304 stainless steel-to-aluminum, 316 stainless steel-to-aluminum, and titanium-to-aluminum materials and industry-standard sizes and configurations.


Titanium ConFlat (CF) Flanges

Titanium CF flanges are an excellent choice for UHV and XHV applications requiring low magnetism, low Z attribute, high corrosion resistance, a low outgassing rate, and a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). Titanium CF flanges are available in industry standard sizes and configurations.


Bimetal Face Gland Fittings

Bimetal face gland fittings (also known as face seal fittings) feature a UHV/XHV-rated VCR®-style stainless steel or titanium sealing surface with an an aluminum body to allow for easy integration on aluminum vacuum systems. Stainless steel or titanium sealing faces are explosion welded to the aluminum body.


Bimetal 304 stainless steel-to-aluminum, 316 stainless steel-to-aluminum, and titanium-to-aluminum face seals are available in butt weld, socket weld, and male weld styles and are compatible with standard VCR®-style hardware.


ISO Quick Release Aluminum Weld Fittings

ISO QF weld aluminum weld fittings offer easy integration of ISO quick flange ports (known as QF, KF, or NW flanges) to aluminum vacuum chambers with various wall or plate thicknesses. Standard ISO QF flange sizes are available with different collar thicknesses.


Aluminum and Titanium Chambers and Custom Fabrication

As the exclusive seller and distributor of LOS Low Outgassing Solutions products, ANCORP can provide our customers with custom aluminum and titanium UHV and XHV chambers and custom fabrications. Aluminum and titanium offer UHV and XHV applications enhanced bakeout performance and lower outgassing rates compared to their stainless-steel counterparts.