ISO Quick Release Aluminum Weld Fittings

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ISO quick release aluminum fittings can be welded to aluminum chambers to create high vacuum (HV) elastomer-sealed ISO-QF (also known as KF or NW) ports.

Available in weld neck or chamber weld types, aluminum quick release fittings allow aluminum chambers to maintain their low-magnetic interactions, fast bakeout time, and light weight – an important consideration for applications where overall weight is a consideration, such as in the aerospace industry.

Chamber weld aluminum quick-release fittings feature different collar thickness options to better attach to varying plate thicknesses. Weld neck aluminum quick-release fittings have a consistent weld neck thickness for general use.


6061-T6 Aluminum Features

  • The thermal conductivity of Al is more than 10x that of stainless steel.
  • The thermal diffusivity of Al is 17x that of stainless steel.
  • Fast uniform bakeouts are achieved with aluminum versus stainless steel. UHV levels with most aluminum chambers can be achieved in less than 24 hours.
  • The Young’s modulus of Al is approximately 1/3 of stainless steel. This means better vibration dampening.
  • Al has 7 orders of magnitude less Hydrogen than stainless steel.
  • Aluminum is magnetically invisible compared to stainless steel.
  • Low temperature bakeout of 150°C.
  • Aluminum has lower outgassing rates as compared to stainless steel.