Viewports provide a simple method of adding an observation window to coating systems and other applications that require an internal view of the vacuum chamber. ANCORP manufactures viewports for high and ultra-high vacuum applications. When selecting a viewport for a specific pressure range, both flange style and window transition material must be considered.

Kovar is used as the transition material on all ultra-high vacuum (UHV) applications. (Because their windows are brazed in place, viewports using Kovar are also called fixed window viewports.) Alternatively, elastomer seals are used as the transition material in high vacuum applications. ANCORP weldable viewports use a replaceable, elastomer-sealed window and are therefore intended for high vacuum service. Standard window material is 7056 borosilicate glass. Quartz and sapphire windows are available on request.

Add-a-Doors serve as access points into your vacuum system. Viewport Add-a-Doors not only function as an access point into your system, but also provide a replaceable viewing window.

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