Silver Summer Sale for High Vacuum Products

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ANCORP proudly presents the Silver Summer Sale, your invitation to enhancing vacuum system efficiency with high-quality vacuum products made in the USA.

As the heat of summer intensifies, we’re cooling down the prices on an extensive range of high vacuum products, from precision-engineered flanges to cutting-edge feedthroughs and other fittings. All products available for the summer sale currently display their sale price on the website! So, mark your calendars and seize this opportunity to optimize your operations before the tide recedes on August 31st.

General Sale Overview

Take up to 20% off Flanges and Fittings 

Take 10% off Couplings

Take 10% off Flexible Hosing

Take 5% off Feedthroughs

Take 5% off Vacuum Traps

Quantity-Based Discounts Available

Elevate Your Vacuum System with Exceptional Discounts:

Flanges and Fittings

Bolster your vacuum systems with the backbone of system connections– flanges and fittings. Our Silver Summer Sale delivers an impressive up to 20% reduction on these indispensable components, ensuring your processes remain vacuum sealed and streamlined. ANCORP’s standard offering of flanges and fittings spans across three flange systems. Enjoy savings across ASA flanges and fittings, ConFlat (CF) flanges and fittings, ISO-QF and ISO-LF/L flanges and fittings.

ConFlat Flanges and Fittings
ISO (QF/LF, KF, NW/ISO-K) Flanges & Fittings
ISO Flanges and Fittings
ASA Flanges and Fittings
ASA Flanges and Fittings


We’re thrilled to extend a 10% discount on vacuum couplings, enabling you to enhance your systems’ connectivity without compromising on quality. They are a fast and easy way to make and break a vacuum seal onto metal or glass tubing. Additionally, these useful fittings can be welded, brazed, soldered, or flange-mounted onto your vacuum system, chamber, or flange.

Quick Disconnects
Quick Connections

Flex Hoses

Adaptability meets cost-efficiency with our discounted flex hoses. With a 10% price reduction, these vacuum components offer the flexibility to facilitate seamless connection of vacuum applications, enhancing operational fluidity. Due to their construction, they are also excellent for vibration dampening throughout your system.

Roughing Vacuum Components
Flexible Hoses

Vacuum Traps

Elevate the integrity of your vacuum systems with vacuum traps engineered to capture contaminants and maintain a clean environment. Vacuum traps safeguard your vacuum system from unwanted particles and ensure optimal performance. From sealed traps to rechargeable coaxial traps, molecular sieve traps, LN2 traps, and dry-ice traps, we offer solutions that cater to diverse applications.

VacuShield Traps & Filters
Vacuum Traps


Delve into vacuum experimentation with a 5% discount on feedthroughs. These vital connections bridge the gap between innovation and efficiency, offering seamless integration into your sophisticated setups. ANCORP standard vacuum feedthroughs on sale include electrical feedthroughs, fluid feedthroughs, gas feedthroughs, rotary motion feedthroughs, and transition feedthroughs. With a variety of options available within each feedthrough type, there is sure to be a solution for every vacuum system.

High Vacuum Feedthroughs
Electrical Feedthroughs
Fluid and Gas Feedthroughs
Rotary Motion Feedthroughs
Transition Feedthroughs

Unlock Greater Value through Our Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program Member Exclusive Benefit

ANCORP recognizes and values its loyal partners. If you’re already a member of our esteemed Loyalty Program, relish an additional 5% discount atop your Silver, Gold, or Platinum tier privilege on standard product orders. This exclusive offer is a symbol of our commitment to fostering enduring partnerships.

Interested in joining our customer loyalty program and taking advantage of these sales year round? Complete our contact form here or call us at 352-528-4100 to speak with a representative about your account today.