The New Innovative Multiport Valve for High Vacuum Applications

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ANCORP’s Multiport Ball Valve is the emerging industry standard for multiport valves in semiconductor, coating, and abatement processes. As a new product in ANCORP’s line of high vacuum valves, the multiport valve saves system design engineers and others valuable time and resources with a standard valve that meets multi-flow requirements. 

With almost every piece of the valve being customizable, the Multiport Valve can be specified into new intricate system builds or offer a bespoke solution for systems undergoing upgrades and enhancements. 

A New Kind of Multiport Valve

The innovative Multiport Valve is a modular 1.5″ valve manufactured with a fully ported ball to maximize conductance, evacuation holes on the ball and blank end caps to prevent virtual leaks, and ANCORP’s patented Extended Life (XL) Valve
Stem. The XL valve stem designs ensure a fully stable seal that eliminates atmospheric intrusions into the process line and provides high cycle life and a high-temperature performance when combined with FFKM O-rings. Redesigned fasteners and flat surfaces come standard and allow for further heat performance, improving heat transfer from heat jackets. 


Our Multiport Valves design is easily compatible with existing system processes and equipment. Due to the inventive nature of the valve’s construction, the valve is much quicker to service, making it desirable for integration into abatement systems to minimize maintenance downtime. Designed with the ISO5211 mounting pattern, Multiport Valves are easily compatible with
modern, reliable valve actuators. The valves are also compatible with modern valve position indicators as the stem details are 
NAMURVDI/VDE 3845 compliant.

Manually Actuated 4-Way Multiport Valve
Pneumatically Actuated 3-Way Multiport Valve


The Multiport Ball Valve allows for configuring 3, 4, or 5-way valves from a standard valve, saving end users valuable time and resources when designing custom solutions for their valve needs. Combining body and ball port selections will result in a configured multiport valve.

Body port selection determines the entrance and exit points of gas flow within the valve. This is accomplished by a combination of inline and angular body ports in parallel and/or perpendicular to the stem housing. Flow pathways are further manipulated by choice of ported ball with options spanning L-port, T-port, vertical L-port, vertical T-port, double L-port, and double T-port. Each ball allows for several flow pathways toggled through manual or pneumatic actuation with options to customize position. 

Non-Standard Customizations 

Due to the highly configurable nature of the Multiport Valve, not every option is stated plainly.  As a high and ultra-high vacuum products manufacturing facility, we can further customize our products to adjust centerlines, vacuum grease, O-rings, and position indicators. 

To get assistance configuring your ANCORP Multiport Valve or submitting a quote, please contact us today